About Us


We are Boho Aromatic. We make wildcrafted, gentle, luxurious and free spirited skin care products to make you and your skin feel blissful. Our powerhouse preparations will put an end to your long skin care regime.

We aren’t fans of putting chemicals on skin. Made from natural food grade ingredients, Boho Aromatic Moisturizers will make your skin dance (and smell) like never before.

Enriched with exotic oils and actives, our light yet deeply nourishing facial creams sink deep into the skin to provide the right diet it needs. Without feeling icky sticky or heavy. Oh, and Boho Aromatic Creams are chock full of anti ageing properties too.

Boho Aromatic stands for all those women who don’t just want to look pretty, we make them feel beautiful inside out.

This is a game changer, people.