All our Vegan based botanical formulations are hand made fresh. Our powerhouse preparations are made from quality sourced ingredients. Boho Aromatic is a USA based women owned and operated company. Our full line is enriched with natural and organic ingredients, exotic oils and actives, our light yet deeply nourishing facial products sink deep into the skin to provide the right diet it needs. Our line offers natural aromatherapy properties and are chock full of anti aging properties too.  Boho Aromatic stands for all those women who don’t just want to look pretty, we make them feel beautiful inside out.  We aren’t fans of putting chemicals on skin. Boho Aromatic is concerned about keeping its products natural and organic plus free from synthetic ingredients. All our products are uniquely formulated and carry the Leaping Bunny Endorsement (Not Tested on Any Animals) and GMO free.
We say "Love your face without makeup". Natural. Clean. Without Parabens, SLS/SLES, and other Toxic Ingredients.



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Our story

We are a Global Cosmetic Skin Care Company based in Austin, Texas USA that creates vegan, all natural & organic, cruelty free🐰, botanically based, environmentally friendly packaged skin care products. We are leaping bunny cruelty-free certified. After many years of searching unsuccessfully for cosmetic skin care products that we felt safe using on our face, we decided to create our own line. We realized that “Ingredients” is what it was all about and we were on a mission to create the best product available on the market today. This has been a long journey because we…

wanted the ingredients in our face care line to not only be safe but yet effective too! All products are made with organic and natural plant oils and butters, steam-distilled and wildcrafted cold-pressed essential botanicals. We are delighted to share with you our current full line to nourish your face. Thank-you for being part of our journey! We encourage you to try our all natural and organic cosmetic skin care line! Prove us right! See why we say “Skin That Radiates Positive Vibes”. We love our customers and want you to feel beautiful from the inside out! Follow us on social media ✌️🙂

“The Positive Vibes Facial Oil Serum is my favorite product so far. I’ve used this serum for just a few days after washing my face for the evening with no night moisturizer. I have dry skin but now my skin feels soft and balanced. I love this!” ~D.R. 

“The Botanical Exfoliating Scrub has just the right amount of micro-breads and the scent is light and refreshing!” ~A.B.

“The Hydrating Lavender Nutrient Toner is so refreshing and the scent is light and fresh. I’ve been using it in the morning before my moisturizer but a few times I’ve used it mid-day just because it’s refreshing! Thanks so much” ~D.R.

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