Limited Warranty

Boho Aromatic offers a 60-day no hassle money back guarantee as well as our industry renowned individualized customer service if you provide us proof that your Boho Aromatic product was purchased from one of our authorized sellers.

Boho Aromatic 60-day no hassle money back guarantee, customer service, and limited warranty covers only products purchased from authorized sellers who respect our quality control standards.  Our products are sometimes sold by companies or individuals that are not authorized.  Products sold by unauthorized sellers are often acquired from unreliable sources.  As a result, Boho Aromatic cannot ensure the freshness, effectiveness, safety, quality, or proper storage of products sold by any unauthorized seller.  Boho Aromatic goes to great lengths to prohibit unauthorized sellers from selling potentially subpar, spoiled, or improperly stored products, and products that are misleadingly listed as “new,” but these practices still exist, particularly online.

Please use diligence when selecting where you purchase Boho Aromatic products.  We love hearing from customers and are happy to help you find the right places to buy our products.  Don’t hesitate to Contact us directly to verify whether a particular seller is authorized.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.